Our primary objectives are to raise funds for Veterans and children.  We also include other worthy causes in the community as part of our objectives.  Revenant Warriors provide a helping hand to people who need assistance as well as organizations with a noble mission.


― Why Veterans?

The Revenant Warriors live with high regard for the United States of America and the Armed Forces protecting our Freedom.   One must choose a station in life.  Life’s stations are few in number.  Stations in life can be condensed into four occupations – merchant, artisan, farmer, and gentry.  The gentry are noble warriors protecting the other three.  Their strength and service provides Freedom for the other three to nourish, nurture, and build a stronger community. Each station contributes to the community in exchange for a wage with minimal risk.  The warrior is a time honored station set apart from the rest, sanctified. The warrior risks mind and body. Warriors often sacrifice life and limb in their service to the community.

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Our Daily Sacrifices are Small
in Comparison